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Adventures of Robin & Kayla
by Robin
Robin took her time getting ready tonight. As she showered she let her hands roam her well toned body. The water was warm . She felt as though she could stay in there forever. She soaped up her small firm breast then let the water rinse away the suds. Hello ladies she said to the 1/2 dollar size nipples that had grown hard from the attention. My tits may be small but the nipples get them every time she thought with a smile. As the warm water traveled to her neatly trimmed pubic mound Robin let her hand massage her clit. She moved her hand in small deliberate circles. Her free hand concentrated on her pert nipples pinching and twirling first one then the other between her fingers. Finely her body started to quiver as she exploded with a wave of orgasm. She let herself go and as one finished another mounted then her vagina contracted several times filling her with immense pleasure. Wow girl you must have really been worked up she thought regaining her composure. She thought about trying for another one when she reminded her self the evening was young and if things went as planned , the next orgasm she had would not be self inflicted. Just the thought of this made her clit throb. Not now she thought out loud. But soon ....yes very soon. She hurried to finish her shower anxious to get on with tonight's planned activities. Robin took her time with her makeup. She wanted to make sure every detail was perfect. She dryed her hair and let it fall natural. She wasn't much into curls heck straight was in anyway. She pulled on her tight jeans then put on her yellow top she had picked out. It was see through enough to get attention with out being vulgar. She slipped on her heels and checked herself out in the mirror. Damn girl you look good enough to eat if I do say so myself she thought to herself. Robin checked her makeup on last time scooped up her keys and headed for the car.

The time was right. This was a sure fire money maker . She just knew it. It had came to her in a dream , a very vivid ,wildly erotic dream. And the time to put it in motion was now. She pulled her mustang into the bar parking lot, found a parking space and put it into park. Checking the mirror she smiled approvingly at her reflection. Not bad for thirty five lady not bad at all. She grabbed up the bag she had brought and headed inside. The bouncer asked for ID as she entered and gave her a startled look as she showed it. Sorry ma'am but rules are rules and you sure as hell don't look 35 . He gave her a appreciative smile and did not try to hide the fact that he was undressing her with his eyes. You know Robin he said checking her name on the license she had handed her. I see lots of ladies come in here every night . A lot that are quite a bit younger. But damn girl life has been good to you. Are you sure you did not pay some one to doctor your age? Oh sure she said with a laugh I want to be older than I am. Well I was just checking that's all he smiled. No problem I know your just doing your job. She turned and flashed the sexiest smile she could muster. She did not want to get on this ones bad side. She might need his help later. Besides he was a doll. As she walked away she could feel his deep blue eyes following her. Another night she thought to herself. I just might have to be in here when that one gets off duty. But tonight I have other plans. Robin found a table in one of the far corners and took a seat. She positioned herself so that she could see almost everyone in the place and she waited. Every now and then a guy some good-looking others not came up to her and asked if they could buy her a drink. The answer was always the same "I'm not that kind of girl" . Well what kind of girl are you one finely asked? You will see soon she replied with a coy smile. As the place filled up she was almost having second thoughts when she saw her . She was alone as she was the last time she had seen her. She was tall, hell she must have been nearly six foot. She had the most perfect body Robin had ever saw. Her blonde hair was long and straight. Her skin was perfectly tanned. Her breast so pert and full . Her nipples showed through not leaving much to the imagination. She wore a white shirt that she tied right under her breast. Her jeans fit just below her navel which was accented by a belly button ring. God she was hot .Robin was not the only person to think so either. As she walked across the room all eyes both male and female followed her. Yes this would be a show. This would defiantly be a show......

Robin raised her hand to get Kayla's attention . Kayla smiled and walked over to where Robin was sitting. Well girlfriend are you ready to make a killing she whispered as she fully hugged robin. Sure am Robin answered and with that she kissed Kayla full on the lips. How do you want to put your plan in motion? Kayla asked. Lets get them talking first she smiled. Lets do some dirty dancing. They walked to the dance floor hand in hand chatting and tossing their hair back knowing full well they were the center of attention. As if on cue the music turned to a slow song. There bodies melted together and they started dancing and running their hands all over each others firm sensuous bodies . As the song ended applause rang out . It almost took the girls by surprise they had been into each other so immensely that they had not noticed that almost everyone else had stopped dancing and was watching the show they where putting on. Well Robin you wanted to get everyone's attention I think we succeeded in doing just that Kayla laughed as she nuzzled Robins neck on the way back to the table. Well if we are going to do this I guess now is as good of time as any . I just hope we don't get arrested. Kayla laughed .Oh now is a great time to have doubts. I'm not having doubts. Just letting you know it is a possibility chided Robin. If we can make half as much as you did in that dream of yours it is worth the risk Kayla winked. Well we better make our move before we loose our audience. Robin bent down and picked up the bag she had brought from the car. She took out a empty coffee can with a note on it . She showed it to Kayla who laughed as she read it out loud. "If you like the show please show your appreciation" Well lets give them something to appreciate. With that both girls came together in a long passionate kiss. As they where kissing they heard change being dropped into there can. That gave them the encouragement to make it a little steamier. There hands where entangled in each others hair . There tongues met and stayed visible for everyone to see as they took turns sucking it into their mouth. When they finely came up for air they found that much to there delight they had drawn a crowd. They could see that money had been placed in there cup but not nearly as much as they had hoped. Just as they where thinking this might not go as planned a guy in the crowd held up a hundred dollar bill. "I will put this in for a real show" he said with a grin. Another guy piped up "yea I'll fuck you for a hundred bucks" Sorry guys Robin smiled "the only show we do is with each other" . With that the crowd went nuts. whooping and yelling. Hell I'd pay to see that someone yelled. Then another . And finely the whole bar was chanting . Give us a show! Give us a show!

Hey if we are going to risk being arrested it has to be worth our wild Kayla stated . With that everyone started passing around the can. there where five's, tens, twenties, fifties and even hundreds being placed in the can . Once again the crowd started chanting "Give us a show! The girls started into a deep embrace when a tall man pushed his way through the crowd. Wait he said with a firm tone . Robin recognized him as being behind the bar earlier. Just as she was thinking she was about to be arrested he motioned for someone to come over. Though the crowd came the bouncer she had briefly spoken with when she first came in. Shit now what she thought. OK we normally don't allow these things to go on in this establishment but I think that if I try to stop it I might never have another customer step foot in here. So here is the deal. He pointed at Robin and Kayla. You two are the only participants I don't want a full fledged orgy. Also about the money. Oh great he is not going to let us keep it Robin thought. He interrupted her thoughts and what he said next almost floored her. Pointing at the bouncer he said I want Tom here to hold your earnings I don't want to take a chance on any of it walking off while you two are well um he stammered. Regaining his composure he said I don't want any of it walking off while you two are pre occupied. And if you two put on the kind of show I think you might I will match what ever is in the can. With that the crowd went nuts cheering , screaming, and everyone rushing to put even more money in the already overflowing can. Robin and Kayla's eyes lit up. We will give everyone there moneys worth they purred at the same time. You won't be sorry . Actually Jake (the bar owner) was already having second thoughts about his impulse decision to match there take. He smiled weekly while watching even more money being stuffed into the already full can. The girls decided to use the table they had been sitting at as there stage . Robin did not waste any time getting started . She came around and once again started kissing Kayla full on her luscious mouth. Robin and Kayla melted into each other. There bodies almost became one. Kissing fully, their hands explored the curves of each others body. Kayla bent her head back as Robin began exploring her neck. Tenderly tasting and sucking on the exposed flesh. Kayla was moaning with excitement. Robin once again began Deep kissing Kayla. As she was doing so ,much to the crowds delight she began unbuttoning Kayla's white blouse. She finished with the last button and proceeded to untie the knot that was the only thing keeping Kayla's firm round breast from being exposed. She then peeled back the blouse allowing all to see the firm breast that sat there like two perfect honey due melons with dark pink quarter size nipples. She was perfectly tanned. Robin worked her way down kissing the shoulders then teasing and licking around each breast and then in between the cleavage. Then finely taking first one then the other in her mouth. Robin expertly sucked and gently bit each nipple. She would suck hard then let it fall almost out of her mouth then catch it between her teeth and firmly but gently bite on the exposed nipple. This drove Kayla wild with excitement. She was throwing her head back wildly and moaning with pleasure. Robin continued her way down kissing the smooth flat surface of Kayla's stomach. As she reached the navel she paused and let her tongue linger there making little swirling motions with her tongue. And gently flicking Kayla's belly button ring. When she reached the button of her jeans Robin artfully undid the button with her teeth . The crowd went wild breaking into applause. Robin undid the zipper then Kayla did a little wiggle and eased out of her tight fitting jeans. Much to the crowds delight Kayla was not wearing any underwear. And the sight of her newly shaven cunt was more than they could have hoped for. Hmm Robin said out loud what do we have here and what should I do with it. A loud drunken voice called out "well if you need any help let me know" The crowd laughed and cheered. And more than one person agreed they would also help if needed. I think I can manage Robin said with a wink. But if I need any help I'll keep you all in mind. With that she helped Kayla up on the bar table and bent down tenderly licking the inside of first one thigh and then the other. She slowly started circling the outer lips up Kayla's bare pussy. Then flicked the hard clit with her tongue. Kayla looked down at her and begged Robin to suck on her throbbing clit. This totally delighted the crowd. Playing to there audience Kayla became more vocal. Please Robin suck it . Make me cum. I need to feel your hot mouth on me. Please! Please! Robin readily obliged. She took the whole clit in her mouth and began sucking on the fully aroused pink flower. Kayla was pushing into her face wildly throwing her head back and screaming madly. All of the sudden she gave way to wave after wave of orgasm. The crowd exploded in loud cheers. Robin never missed a beat. She took two fingers and thrust them into Kayla's juicy wet pussy. she started slow and worked her way faster and faster pushing her into another powerful orgasm. As Kayla was coming down off that orgasm Robin urged her up on all fours. Promptly displaying her assets. Robin bent down and took her clit into her mouth . As she was sucking on her clit she continued fingering Kayla's pussy until she had four fingers fucking her tight cunt. With her free hand Robin firmly smacked Kayla's bare ass. Kayla started trembling and let loose to yet another back arching orgasm. Kayla lay back sighing as Robin took her hand to Kayla's face. Kayla grasped her hand and brought it to her mouth to gently suck her juices off Robin's fingers. Robin then bent down and kissed Kayla full on the mouth there tongues enter twined and you could tell they where truly enjoying themselves. God I love the taste of me on you Kayla whispered breathlessly. Unable to contain them selves any longer the crowd was whooping and hollering . Robin gathered up Kayla's clothes and helped her get dressed. Jake told everyone he would keep his end of the bargain and match what ever was in the can. With that Tom spoke up and told him there was seven hundred and fifty seven dollars in there. Jake's smile faded as he walked away heading for his office. Robin watched him with a touch of guilt. What's the matter girlfriend Kayla asked. I don't know I guess I am feeling guilty taking his money. Tom let out a chuckle . Don't feel guilty about that. He has money to burn. Hell he spends more than that on women on most weekends. He is just upset he did not get to join in. With that they all laughed and Robin relaxed. I guess your right . He is the one that made the wager in the first place . Shit this is more than I could have imagined getting in the first place. I was going to ask you about that Tom grinned. How in the world did you ever dream up a stunt like this. I don't know many people that would come up with something this outrageous let alone act on it? Kayla spoke up. Dreaming it up is exactly right. Lets just say she has very vivid dreams. Robin smiled , Yes very vivid indeed. Well ladies I will take you to pry that check out of Jake's hand and walk you to your car. I would not want anyone relieving you girls of your hard earned money. Although after this show I think money would be the last thing on most of these guys minds. That is very kind of you Tom ,Robin smiled. Just doing my job ma'am Tom winked. Hmm haven't we had this conversation before? Robin asked with a twinkle in her eye. They all three headed for the door. Collecting the check from Jake on the way. I "m done for the night boss Tom winked. Looks to me you are just getting started Jake said feeling very left out. The all just laughed as the headed out the door.......

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