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The Story Of Patrick, Libby, & Kathleen
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Patrick was a college senior who had had his eyes on two juniors: Libby and Kathleen, more commonly called Katie. The only thing was that he was too shy and couldn't get up the nerve to talk to them or ask one of them out. So one night he was on the internet and started talking to someone in a chat room. Patrick and this other person found that they were both really horny and lived near each other, so they both agreed to meet each other in a hour at the college cafeteria, next to the snack machines. They had also agreed that if things worked out better than expected, they might have sex as well.

An hour later Patrick was waiting there, but had to go to the bathroom. When he was done with the bathroom and came back out he saw Libby waiting there next to the snack machines! Astounded that he had been talking to Libby over the internet without even knowing it, he shakingly walked over to where Libby was and told her that he was the one she was supposed to meet. Laughing, Libby was astonished as well and they went out on an impromptu date. After dinner in one of the more classier parts of town, they decided to go to Patrick's dorm room since Patrick didn't have a roommate. When they got there, Libby asked if she could watch some television or something like that, so Patrick put on a movie. As they were watching the movie, Libby was frightened by a noise that the wind had made. She grabbed the nearest thing for a sense of security, but she sson realized that it was Patrick's crotch! Terribly embarrassed, Libby blushed like a tomato and apologized to Patrick. Not knowing what to say, Patrick said that it was alright and they continued watching the movie. Soon Liby became comfortable and as the movie passe on she rested her head on Patrick's shoulder.

Patrick took all of this in stride and didn't say anything. By the end of the movie Libby had fallen asleep on Patrick's shoulder and as Patrick got up to turn on the lights, Libby's head fell facedown into Patrick's crotch, even though she was still sleeping! So Patrick tried to wake Libby up and when she did she had a closeup view of Patrick's crotch! Libby once again apologized and asked if there was anything she could do to make it up to him. Realizing his chance, Patrick asked for a goodnight kiss at least since they were becoming more than just friends right now. Libby agreed and as they kissed, they both felt something hot and deisirable in each other. Instantly they started kissing feverishly and soon Libby was taking off her shirt and jeans! Patrick started doing the same with his shirt and cargo pants and soon Libby was back in the dorm room sucking on Patrick's hot and hard shaft of a penis. Libby was going up and down and up and down and up and down and Patrick couldn't stand it because it felt so good. Soon Patrick started lifting his ass off the bed so Libby could get more than usual and in a couple of minutes he cummed. It was an explosion to be beheld and Libby stopped momentarily so she could digest all the juices which Patrick had given her. Then Patrick started masturbating and shot cum all over Libby's breasts and massaged them with the juices until they were big, round, and hard.

Then Libby turned around and bent over, which was all the invitation that Patrick needed. Patrick grabbed Libby's midsection and jammed his penis into her hot tight asshole. Then Patrick got an idea that he had thought of back in high school: the grand slam. It was a position where the guy and sits down on a chair and a girl sits her ass on his penis with the back of her head in the guy's face. The guy then proceeds to bang her ass with his penis, rub her breasts, and kiss her with her head turned sideways, all at the same time. While all this is happening, the girl masturbates and fingers her pussy. So Patrick picked up Libby and went and sat down. The position was so intense for Libby that she couldn't even kiss straight. Then Libby jumped off Patrick's lap and ran over to her purse and pulled out a large strap-on penis! Libby said that it was Patrick's turn and now he was gonna feel it. She commanded Patrick to suck her strap-on and Patrick did so gleefully.

Then, there was a knock at the door. Patrick's face lit up with horror, but Libby smiled back and said that she had called her friend Kathleen over, while they were watching the movie, because they were like masturbating partners. So Libby opened the door for Kathleen, Katie for short, and Katie instantly jumped on Patrick's penis! She begged Patrick to undress her and he did so immediately. Then, when her panties were off, Libby whispered something to Patrick as Katie sucked his penis. Patrick's eyes lit up with an expression of delight. Libby took Katie by her head and made her stand up straight. Then, at the same time, Libby, with her strap-on, and Patrick both sent their respective penises up Katie's pussy and ass, respectively. Katie, grabbed her hair in ecstasy and cummed all over Libby's strap-on. Then she somehow reached over to her purse and pulled out her dildo, which she stuck in her mouth! After this, Katie made Libby lie down and take off her strap-on, and she started to fuck Libby's pussy with the five toes on her right foot. It felt like five small penises were all over Libby's pussy, so she motioned over to Patrick to get on her so his penis was resting on her midsection. Then she started jacking him off like there was no tomorrow. Soon he was cumming again and Libby's licked up every last drop. Then Patrick ran over to the kitchen , grabbed a banana and jammed it up Libby's ass so hard she bit down on her own teeth.

Katie soon got a new idea: they would have a contest in which they would all masturbate at the same time and whoever cummed last would have to masturbate for an hour nonstop, watching the other two go at it. Patrick lost the contest on purpose so he could watch Libby and Katie go at it one-on-one. When he saw them go at it, he thought he'd seen it all: Libby and Katie bent over sucking their own pussies, sticking the vacuum cleaner hose up thier pussies, filling each other's pussies with chocolate syrup and then masturbating, and finally they let Patrick come in and they both sucked his penis, with one at each side of his penis licking the round shaft. Then they tickled his balls for what seems like an eternity and when it was all over, all three of them were lying there on the carpet breathing heavily and too tired to do anymore.

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