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My wife and I had been married for 12 years when our life changed dramatically. At the time, my wife was 32 years old, 5'6" 125 lbs with golden blonde hair. She has a great ass and firm legs. What makes her stand out is her massive chest. Her tits measure 42DD.W what makes it even better is the fact her nipples are extremely sensitive. If you squeeze her breasts and touch her nipples, she immediately starts moaning and needs to fuck right on the spot. Despite this, she had been fully faithful to me over the years, despite the fact strangers were constantly trying to hit on her.

Like I say she had been completely faithful to me until last summer. We had been out to a bar drinking. My wife was a bit tipsy and suggested we get a porno flick and watch it at home. The next thing I know my big titted wife is on top of me fucking my brains out while I suck her tits. While we are fucking, she is facing the T.V. screen watching the porno flick. On the screen a black gal with big tits is letting three guys enjoy her body. One guy is fucking her: another is getting a blow job from her and she is jacking off the third guy while he sucks her tits. My wife is going crazy moaning while she watches the screen. "Oh baby" she says "would I ever like to have a group of strangers have their way with me. It would be so sexy having them play with my sensitive tits and get me all excited." While my wife was going crazy, I was getting so excited just thinking of what she said. "Baby that turns me on" I said. "But what would really turn me on is to watch you fuck a group of men" As I said that my wife stuck her tit further into my mouth and said "Suck it baby, I want to pretend its a stranger sucking my boobs" With that we both had tremendous orgasms which lasted and lasted. Afterwards, we lay spent on the bed in each others arms. My wife said it was the best and most erotic sex she had ever had. I agreed and told her it was great we had the same fantasy.

Nothing happened until approximately two weeks later. My wife was driving alone when her car broke down on a rural road in front of a small house. She called me on her cell phone to say she was going to knock on the door for help. Approximately an hour later, my phone rang. My wife was on the phone and said there were two guys at the house and that they were going to look at her car as soon as they finished watching a ball game. Her voice sounded slightly slurred. She said she had two large glasses of lemonade and she thought one of the guys had put vodka in her drink. I asked her if she was OK and she said she was more than O.K She said she would call me back in 1/2 hour. When she hung up, I remembered she left the house wearing cut-off jeans with a low cut tank-top and no bra.

Less that 15 minutes later, my wife called again. She said" Baby remember our little fantasy about me fucking strangers? Well it may happen" As I felt a stirring in my crotch, I said "What do you mean" She said "Baby, I have been drinking and I am so horny" I asked her if they had done anything to her and she replied "Honey, one of them squeezed my breast through my tank top. It felt so good, I didn't stop him. Then the other guy fondled my other breast. I let him suck my bare nipple after he pulled up my top. I didn't stop him either. The only thing that stopped them was the phone rang. It turned out two of their friends were coming over. They asked if I minded. I giggled that I didn't mind at all as long as you would be there too honey." I asked her how far she would let them go and she replied, "If it is all right with you, baby, I want to fuck all four of the strangers. I want them to squeeze and suck my tits and make me feel good" I then was so excited I told her I would be right over and for her to enjoy herself until I got there.

I arrived at the house approximately twenty minutes later. Per my wife's instructions I went in the back door and into the living room. What I saw was absolutely exciting. One guy was squeezing my wife's left tit, while a second guy was sucking her left nipple . The same was happening with her other tit . Two other strangers were thoroughly enjoying her boob. Meanwhile two of the guys were removing my wife's pants. Soon there were sets of hands rubbing my wife's wet pussy, while she played with all of their cocks. I knew by the tone of her moans that she needed to get fucked. For the next three hours the strangers had their way with my wife. She let them do anything they wanted and she did anything they wanted. She would smile at me as another strangers cock entered one of her openings. She knew I was enjoying this as much as she was. When it was all over, we left and went home. Laying in bed that night, we both said we were glad it happened and didn't know what the future held as far as a repeat performance.

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