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Our Sun Drenched Threesome

My best friend Scott, my wife Brenda and myself love to go swimming and sunbathe together. On our last trip together, Scott and I were lying on our towels in the sun having drinks. We had just had a long swim in the lake followed by a great meal. Brenda came over wearing her new bikini showing off her hot looking ass and tan from the summer sun. Brenda is a nice 5'6" 135lb. Her 38c tits are filling out her bikini top. She was looking so good I couldn't help notice Scott's increasing hard on growing in his shorts.

Scott and I have shared a lot of sexual fantasies with each other and one of those included a hot threesome with my wife. He has told me he likes her big tits and nice round ass. Scott and I are very close so he knows he can say those things to me. The truth is that when Scott talks about doing Brenda it turns me on like crazy! Just the thought of my best friend and my wife in a hot sweaty fuck makes my dick hard as a rock.

I've known for a long time that Brenda is extremely turned on by Scott. She has mentioned on a number of occasions how "hot' he is. Scott is dark complected with short black hair and dark eyes. His dark face, perfectly white teeth, and muscular body have had Brenda wanting to jump on him for as long as I can remember.

As Scott and I lay there taking in the sun, I see Brenda just gazing at Scott's flat stomach shining in the sun from the oil and sweat. Of course she can't help but gaze at that big bulge too. Maybe it was the drinks, but knowing how Brenda wants Scott, I decided to "go for it". "You know" I begin, "Something about this day is making me so horny". Brenda and Scott quickly agreed. "What do say we do something about it"? At first I think all of us were taken by surprise that it was finally out in the open. However we were all eager to bring the fantasy to life.

Brenda and I start to kiss, slowly at first, then hot and passionate. I start to feel of her ass while she is rubbing my now hard dick. I take a glance at Scott and he is rubbing his own hard cock while watching us.

Brenda starts to stick her tongue in my ear then whispers "Is Scott watching us"? "Yes" I tell her. That seems to fire us up even more. As we lay back on the towel we are now right up against Scott as he continues to rub his dick. Suddenly Brenda takes over for him. While I start taking off her bikini top exposing her tits right in my face, she leans over to Scott and begins kissing him and licking his ears and neck. Then she quickly unsnaps his shorts springing his big hard dick out in a flash. She is on all fours now, sucking Scott's nipples and kissing his sexy flat stomach. I was feeling Brenda's wet pussy, sticking in one, then two, then three fingers.

Brenda was riding my fingers and moaning with pleasure. Then she moves down and takes my best friend's hard dick in her mouth. I am on fire seeing this, so I can't help but bury my dick all the way in her hot pussy.

Brenda was sucking Scott's dick like crazy now taking in all of his hard meat and licking his balls at the same time. I'm pounding her from behind while she is sucking my best friend! I can tell Scott is about to explode as Brenda keeps deep throating him. I have told him many times she is the best at sucking cock and now he is experiencing her technique first hand.

Finally he can't take it anymore and starts shooting a massive load filling Brenda's mouth and covering her face with hot fresh cum. With this Brenda was cumming, her entire body shaking and quivering from the steamy sex. I pull out of her pussy and shoot a massive load all over her ass and back.

We lay there in the sun taking in the experience. But soon I see Brenda rubbing Scott's dick making it come to life once again. I know she needs it in her pussy. I ask Scott if he would like to trade places. He readily agrees.

Brenda rolls over on her back and Scott positions himself pulling her legs up in the air and slowly sliding that big dick of his in her hot wet pussy.

That brings my dick to immediate hardness. Scott is building a steady rhythm while Brenda is moaning with sheer pleasure. Scott picks up speed fucking faster, the sweat and oil glistening on his body in the hot sun. I am jacking off to the hot scene before me. Brenda is going wild at the feel of Scott fucking her hard, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. She is screaming "Fuck me Scott" "Fuck me Scott". Then she starts cumming like a wild sexual animal. She is shaking all over, her entire body quivering inside and out. Scott yells "I'm cumming"! Then he shoots a giant load of hot creamy cum deep in Brenda. They both look so hot together, breathing hard, sweating, and screaming, and cumming, I had to unload! I shot a huge wad of cum all over both of them. It seemed to last longer than the first time. Finally it was over. We all just lay there out of breath and reflecting on the incredible pleasure we had just experienced together.

Needless to say, this was the first, but far from the last threesome my best friend Scott, my wife Brenda, and I have had.

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